Formatting Matters

A properly formatted ebook enhances readability and allows the reader to be immersed in your words.

Poor formatting:

  • Creates a barrier between you and your reader
    Like a bad cellphone connection, poor formatting makes it difficult to be understood.
  • Undermines your credibility
    A poorly formatted work says that you didn’t know enough, or you didn’t care enough to get the formatting right.
  • Kills sales
    If your reader struggles with your formatting, you have lost them as a customer. Even worse, they will write a review, citing poor formatting. New potential readers will avoid your work.
  • Damages your brand
    If a reader buys an ebook of yours that is poorly formatted, they won’t ever take a chance on your work again.

We test your ebook on multiple ereaders and platforms. We know enough and care enough to get the formatting right.

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